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    Exclamation Phase Linear 8000A linear tracking turntable

    So how about anyone's thoughts on the Phase Linear 8000A linear tracking turntable or its twin, the Pioneer PL-L1000A? I'm now the somewhat-proud owner of one with a missing counterweight and head shell. I think I've found a source for those, but do these turntables have some fatal flaw that will most likely be wrong with it when I get the weight and cartridge installed?

    For example...Apparently the Dual CS-731Q has an issue with its automatic arm movement. The one I just acquired won't lift the arm over to the LP and won't lift it off at the end. I see that topic came up in another forum, so I'll be reading the description of the solution for that and considering whether I'm up to the task. But now wondering about this Phase Linear turntable. It weighs as much as my first car and looks very nice.

    And a last question...I've heard they're difficult to set up. What is it that's difficult?

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    ?difficult setup? i dont THINK so.

    if you have the overhang jig, line the stylus up with the crosshairs. if not, make it so the stylus tip is at the plane of the center of the spindle.

    ANY universal headshell will work, the inexpensive stantons, more costly technics, or the sumiko hs12 (my fave) from musicdirect for $40 + shipping.

    the vta is adjustable so make the arm close to level and listen. adjust from there. how this is done can be found in the faq at under tt setup.

    i have a PLL1000a and never had trouble setting it up. feel free to ask more questions or email me at

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