I am upgrading my Thorens 320 tt with a Ortofon 2m black. I have the option of purchasing a Nottingham
Hyperspace with a SME IV iv arm set up by Brian at The Analog Room in San Jose Ca. Or a used VPI Signature Classic 3 set up a VPI dealer on the same area. For now I will use my Ortofon 2m Black cart until I find the right phono amp to match the MC cartridge I will eventuality use.
I am still undecided but am leaning towards the Nottingham because of the SME tonearm.
I have a good medium base system that the tt will definitely make a difference. I do have a extensive audiophile grade vinyl collection and do put my favorites on 10.5" R2R , in order to preserve my lps.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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