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    Best Phono Pre-amp up to $1000

    Hi all,

    I have just sold my budget priced NAD PP-1 phono pre-amp with the intention of upgrading.
    I would like a phono pre-amp which has both MM & MC capacity with my particular musical tastes being, blues, female vocal, alternative and some jazz.
    I like my music on the bright side and only run solid state gear.
    I have a budget up to $1000, but it can be stretched (just don't tell my wife ok).
    Also any suggestions for a well priced cartridge to suit.

    All suggestions welcome ...........

    Thanks in advance,
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    Seems like you might be interested in the highly-regarded PS Audio GCPH.

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    I would look Into the musical surroundings nova phonomena and phonomenall. They have the ability to adjust for any cartridge you might own. One is $999 and the other is $600. You will be able to adjust the cartridge to the manufactures specs or change the settings for a bright sound.
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    dynavector p75

    well received in the press and it doesnt last long on a'gon WHEN theyre for sale. even new they are only about $750.

    have fun.

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