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    ANy retro tech fans may get a kick out of this old tape deck...

    Picked up what was described as a NOS HK 1000. Got home tonight, and there was a box waiting:

    Opened it to find the manuals still in plastic, the original foam, looking pretty good so far:

    First look at the top and hard to tell if it is truly NOS, but looks awful good:

    Pulled it out and if this thing was used, it was babied and well-taken care of. Not a scratch anywhere. A bit of dust, but even unused it's gonna collect some dust after so many years:

    Don't have much time to mess with a lot tonight, but plugged her in and stuck in some headphones:

    Success! Fast forward, rewind and play all quite nice. Rewind and Fast Forward don't auto-stop, not sure if that is but design. Thing looks to be built like a tank. Got it hooked up to the big rig and tested out the record function, which works well. Will probably over the weekend get into this thing and get serious about cleaning everything out and the service manual points out some places where it is supposed to be oiled regularly which I guess should be done now. Just enough time for some late night listening now before I crash, but though some of y'all may like getting a look.

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    I love it nobody!! Funny you posted this, I was looking at an old Sankyo deck with this exact same styling. I want a good deck for ripping to my comp, but haven't pulled the trigger on anything. In the meantime I am collecting excellent to mint condition cassettes as i find them in the thrifts. I have some incredible titles which are ultra minty... Buddy Guy, Ahmad Jamal, etc, etc.

    What will you be hooking it up to?

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    Reminds me of the old Advent and Wollensak decks. We used them for QC on the cassette despooling lines at the CBS tape plant in Terre Haute IN. The A/B and Mastering rooms had Nakamichi 700s and 1000s, McIntosh amps and JBL Studio Monitors.

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    Hey poppachubby, long time no see. I've got the deck hooked up to my main system. I've been having fun and been lucky to pick up a couple other decks for kicks so honestly I mostly use a couple Nakamichi decks I have. But, my gear is all hidden in a cabinet but I am leaving the HK on top along with my vintage Dual table for a bit of a retro look and I still play it some for fun. It really sounds quite good. A bit rolled off, but the bass out of that thing is monstrous. Sounded really good yesterday afternoon playing a copy of Prince Jammy Destroys the Invaders actually.

    And yeah, tapes cost next to nothing for the most part so I grab 'em now when it is something I really like.

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