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    Yamaha Dsp-a1000

    Hi there,
    I'm new to this forum so please bear with me.

    I'm looking to build up an affordable system that won't break the bank, and I'm assessing some older used equipment as a means of getting there. I'm starting off with the amplifier, and was recently offered a YAMAHA DSP-A1000, the former flagship model for the company. It's in immaculate condition inside and out, and the seller is only asking $250, which seems a reasonable figure to me.

    It's an integrated unit and all, a little gimmicky with the pre-sets for sound, and will need efficient speakers attached to it, but it seems good bang for the buck. I've read one or two comments on this forum regarding it's less than stellar sound quality, particularly it's bass, but would value any opinions others might have on the subject. Given it's oringial asking price nudged close to $2,000, do people here think it represnts a good buy for a unit that's only mildly dated?

    My needs revolve more around music than home theatre, by the way.


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    The A1000 is only Pro Logic, from 1991, and you'd really be wasting your money if you think you might get into home theater. It may not be a bad price for just stereo but I think if you look you could find a better vintage stereo piece for the money. If you think you might like HT at least find something with 5.1 (Dolby Digital). Now, one thing that might make it worth while is if it is "5.1 ready", providing the 6 rca analog inputs. Then you could go from a DVD player with analog out into the amp and have 5.1. I couldn't find if the A1000 had this feature or not, if this is a local sale you could check. Keep in mind you could buy a brand new HT receiver for $250.00.

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