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    Yamaha 2400 or Marantz 8500

    Here is the link with the new info about the 8500

    I'm upgrading from the 2400 which I do enjoy. I really like the new DVI switching of the Marantz. Does anyone had the opportunity to hear both these receivers? I guess it might be too soon to ask about the 8500. The 8500 is rated at 110 watts per, but I believe the Yammy might be over rated @120 per. My preference is musical abilities of the receivers.


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    Marantz makes great equipment, specially for home theater applications (I first had a 7200 and upgraded to 7400), however, if you are more interested in the musical ability of the amp, I would recomend going with a good 2 Channel integrated for your Music and keeping the Yamaha for Home Theater.

    I recenly purchased a NAD integrated amp for my 2 Channel listening with excellent results for about 45% of your replacement price. (of course i had extra speakers to hook this unit up to)

    good luck anyway, and if you do go with the 8500, please post a review.

    take care, HG

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    So can I use the 2 channel amp as well as my 2400 for 7 channel sound through the pre-outs in the 2400?

    I must sound stupid but I'm under the impression that I can use the H/T sound setup with my addtional 2 channel powering the fronts and the Yammy powering the rest of the channels?


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