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    Question Whats a nice high power amp without breaking the bank?

    Im a new member needing some advice on what would be a dependable high power amp to drive a pair of JBL SRX718s 800 watt/rms subs. Im currently using a Crest 8002 amp that has awsome sound and power (750 rms per ch) This amp can drive some serious lows without clipping and has good ratings. I have been using it for a year without any problems but i found that the output transisters on this amp are no longer being made. Im concerned that if for some reason it happens that i need one for this amp then it may lead to a problem in repairs. Im looking to get a different amp that has as much boom for the buck without breaking the bank. Any advice?

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    At those power levels, a live sound power amp is going to get you the best bang for your buck. Here's a listing.

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    If you're pleased with your current amp but only worried about parts availability, why don't you just inventory a few of the output transistors? They will almost certainly be available on the used market.

    Or, even less expensive. Just use the current amp until it quits running. I guarantee there will be other amps to choose from at that time even if you don't buy something today. ;-)

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    A Behringer EP2500 will offer maximum watts for your buck, and should sound pretty good. Build quality is typical Behringer cheapness and adequate ventilation is required, but neither of these are huge problems if you're not using it in a mobile amp rack.

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    QSC makes excellent pro sound high power amps.

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