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    What exactly are the differences between an Onkyo unit and it's Integra counterpart?

    Looking at the Onkyo TX-8050 or Integra DTM-40.4

    Google searching gets results that Power Supplies, Processors, and other parts have same part number per service manuals. All the sales guys say Integra is much better but never can tell you what is and why. All the specs are identical. All I can find different is that the Integra has a silver on button and volume knob and one less display/dimmer switch on the front and a differently shaped front panel. Other than that, I find no differences.

    Does anyone have any insight as to what is really different and if the Integra version is worth almost 2x that of the Onkyo version?

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    I would say the components that have the same part numbers are the same and that possibly the circuits around them might be a little better in the Integra but I can't say that for sure. Back in the 90's when Onkyo and Integra were really pushing the home theater receiver thing I think there was much more separation between the units but now with all the competition and the fact that home theater does not have the new factor and wow factor going for it they have to concentrate on costs at the factory and to keep costs lower having these two brands share like components inside means that is less part numbers in their inventory and also means that they can by the same part in more bulk and get it cheaper while using the part in more units.

    I would say trust your better judgement and go with the one that you feel you would be happier with because if there are differences between these two units it will be small.

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    Thanks Harley. I did speak to a sales guy this morning that told me other than a possible north america (not universal PS) and a few triggers and IR inputs and a zone 2 sub out along with a detachable power cord and extra 1 year warranty, the rest is the same.

    I think for my needs and use, I will save the $250 and go with the Onkyo.

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    I'm told that typically Integra uses better quality parts than Onkyo, and maybe a bit of circuitry refinement.

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