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    Smile What Do People Think Of The Arcam Diva Amps?


    I have now been a new member of Audio Review now for a couple of days, and I would like to know whether any guys or gals have auditioned or even own the Arcam Diva range of amps and what is there own opinions on its sound quality ?


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    The Divas are nice amps. They are fast and very detailed. I think they would be better matched with 4 ohm speakers. They aren't the last word in power but are able to drive speakers you wouldn't think they could drive. The FMJ seem to be stronger and more refined. You'd expect something more for more money though, right?
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    Totally agree, the Arcam Diva range of amps do have great detail and speed, but I felt they are underpowered. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the FMJ range of amps but again by reading reviews in mags they are more refined and touch smoother overall.
    If Arcam can rethink how they design there amps with more power,detail and speed I think they will be onto a winner. But at the moment its a no no!
    I used to own the Arcam Diva A85 and P85 amps but in the end got rid of them they are crap when comes to offering a big powerful sound.

    P.S : Do your old blue jeans still fit you now?


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