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    What to do about an Integra remote not working

    OK so here's the deal:
    Have this Integra receiver (DTR 7.4) - perfectly happy to use it for my home theatre. Please do not advise me to just get another receiver - I HAVE other receivers, but because of what I've got in the house and where (my individual circumstances), it works best if I use THIS one as my home theatre.
    ONLY THING IS - the remote, well, technically it works. But it tends to use and WANT to use so much battery that there's no way you can actually sustain a relationship with it. I'll put 3 brand new, good AA batteries in, they'll work for a day or two, and then when I press a button it'll just say "BATT" on the screen - meaning the battery needs replacing. Thankfully, I don't think it has actually USED those three AA batteries, because that would cost a fortune - it just has used them enough that it thinks they're dead.
    The same goes for rechargeables - I'm a photographer so I have many GOOD rechargeable AAs for my flashes - but I charge them, use them in the remote for not even a day (in which time I press about 4 buttons), and then it decides the battery is dead.

    For home cinema this isn't really feasible because you want to turn movies up or down etc. - for music it'd possibly be OK but this amp won't work in my music room (long story).
    So I'm wondering if I can get a universal remote that'd be best suited to the Integra receiver or what...
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    P.S. Once, when the remote had fresh batteries in it, I pressed 'on' and it turned my cheaper ONKYO receiver on - so I'm wondering if for basic functions like on/off, volume+/- - a cheap Onkyo remote would work?
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    The only way you will know if another onkyo remote is compatible is to try them, or email Onkyo and ask if they are compatible. You may also be able to buy a remote from Onkyo.

    Aftermarket remotes are hit and miss. RCA and Sony make inexpensive remotes for about $10-15. I own a Logitec Harmony Universal remote for TV, Cable and Home Theater receiver. It works great. You can get them for about $79 from Best Buy. Get the $14 extended warranty as some have reported that they break easily when dropped. Mine has been dropped at least a dozen times on a hard wood floor over the past 2 years and it still works.

    One thing to try with the Integra remote is to take it apart and see if you can find the source of the battery drain.
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