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    Want HT without compromising 2 channel? This could be for you.

    I was speaking with some one who attended the recent CES show and he tells me Arcam is coming out with a preamp/processor and 7 channel amp with a total price of only $4,500.00. If this is on par with Arcam's usual high quality it will be the ultimate system for those who want the best of both HT and stereo or even 5 channel music. He didn't give much details but it will have all the latest HT bells & whistles including HDMI switching.

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    I'll believe it when I hear far, regardless of price, it hasn't been done. Someone posted a thought that we've had 50 years to perfect Stereo (so to speak), and just a few with HT, and I'm beginning to agree with him.

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    Interesting you point out HT only being a few years old and not being perfected. HT has been around for 20 years. I owned some very early Dolby surround equipment from Kenwood in 1985 and HT has evolved quite well since then.

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