Can someone please tell me anything about this Kenwood basic M2 amp with the Kenwood basic C1 Preamp & the Kenwood T 1 tuner .? This stack works really well except it's ruined my speakers when someone turned it up too loud.I cannot keep this because it blows the speakers out therefore I have to watch this system any time I have company because someone might accidentally turn it up and ruin another set of expensive speakers,plus I have no idea of the price to ask for.A neighbor offered $350.00 but since I know how much of a tight wad he is I'm guessing it's all worth more.My first husband bought this Kenwood stack in the 80s, brand new and I remember it was a couple thousand dollars if memory serves me correctly and just need to find out anything I can about this three piece stack so that I can sell it and get something that is maybe not so powerful so I can keep a set of speakers and not have to worry about them being blown up..thanks and any info will be greatly appreciated