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    Urgent Help required on Amplifier and speakers

    Hello All,

    I am opening a restaurant on 10 Sep,10. This restaurant is a small place spread in 700 sq. ft. This space is equally divided in 2 floors (approx. 350 sq. ft. on each floor). I have already bought Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III speakers which I plan to put on the first floor, where I am planning a party section. I now need to buy an amplifier and speakers for the ground floor and I need to do both of this in a budget of about $300. I know that I have overspent on Bose speakers but I have already bought them and nothing can be done about them. If anyone can give me specifications for the amplifier that will be needed, then it will be be a great help. Request your urgent reverts as my place is opening up on september 10.

    Also i want that I can play the music with a USB, CDs and my notebook. Please suggest that is it necessary to take a mixer??? Can I save money on that front???

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    With $300.00 I would go to Craigslist, assuming your area is served by it, and look for an older used receiver and some Klipsch speakers. Klipsch because they play loud, or will fill your area without much power, and sound decent at lower levels, more so than a less efficient speaker. I've also seen some Infinity or Polk quite a bit and may not be as easy to push as the Klipsch but a decent sounding option that should sell used in your budget. Most of your sources can be plugged into any AUX input. I doubt you will find anything in your budget with a USB. Thrifts and pawn shops are worth a look as well.

    In a stereo receiver used my preference would be older Sansui, Onkyo or Harmon Kardon. Yamaha, Kenwood or Pioneer will get the job done as well.

    New, I just don't think you will find anything you'd want to use in your budget. There may be something off the internet like Audio Source but getting it and putting it in place by the
    10th may be tough.

    One other option if there's a music store in your area look for some powered speakers like M-Audio. They will have the amp built in and you can hook them directly to your notebook. You may need to come up with a switcher of some kind in order to use all your sources though.

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    Ditto on the Klipsch speakers. If your in a bind and want a cheap receiver take a look at these listed below. They are bottom of the barrel receivers but they will put out the sound.

    They should have no problem driving the very efficient Klipsch speakers to loud levels.

    Another option for speakers would be these-

    By the way, if you are running long runs of speaker wire, say 20 feet or more, use some heavy guage wire like 14 or lower, it will help out with the cheap receivers.
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