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    two amps vs 1 multi


    I have a post below asking about Classe vs Mccormack for B&W N804. One thing that has been mentioned is the idea of choosing between using one 5or 6 channel amp such as a Classe cav 180 or 500 versus using two amps such as a ca300 for the fronts and a cav 180 for the center and surrounds. The amps do not have to be Classe.

    Possibly it would allow for a better front with pure 2 channel capability and a different multi for the rest, (maybe even bridged from 6 to 3 channels). Perhaps it woud be possible to overcome comprimises in the multi at least on the fronts. It may increase the options for further upgrades in the future including upgrading the 804's.Does this seem like a good idea? Are the power requirements an issue? Would thiis allow a better musical sound?

    What are your experiences?

    Thanks for any advice.

    still learning

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    The advantage of one multi-channel amp for HT is seamless sound transfer from speaker to speaker of movie sound track effects. Even with amps of similar character, being replaced by a multi-channel I noticed an improvement in this.

    The advantage of having 2, or more, amps, is less draw on one power supply. I really don't know how much this really matters with a quality amp like you are talking about. First off, it's well designed and probably would have an ample power supply for the channels it has and in home theater, it will be rare that all channels are on at the same time.

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    It sounds like you do not see a benefit in two amps.

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