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    are sears LXI preamps any good

    hi i was wondering what the amount of watts they were per channel on the old sears LXI series and what year they came from and are they any good?

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    I've never heard about those before, but is probably a relatively low quality device, around Radio Shack, but that's just a guess, since Sears isn't known for making good quality stereo equipment.

    One thing I will say is that if you have a working system, in my opinion, it's MUCH better to wait and buy good components once piece at a time and save up and wait and you'll have a much nicer system, than dividing your budget and get everything new, but have a much lower quality system that you'll eventually upgrade. I'd be very happy to assist you if you need any help.

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    sorry i ment reciever im upgrading to a sony that has four chanels. And a input for a cd player and much more it also has a speaker independence switch on the back its for 4 ohm through16 ohm.

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