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    Rotel RB-1070 mono

    i have a rotel 1070. with the B&W 604 s2(get it next week for the good deal: 2000Aussie/pair
    i have found that the power from the rb1070 is not enought to driven B&W(50-250W).
    then i would like to add other rb1070 and use it as mono
    i just wonder the mono setup from the rb1070 will given the good sound quality or not, compare to the normal. and how to set it to make the best sound from it.
    my set are rcd:1072
    rc: 1070
    rb: 1070
    all monster cable

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    Try it out first - My RA-1070 has 100 watts per channel and makes my speakers sing. Those B&W's are 90 dB sensitive or 1 watt will make them very loud. 10 watts should send them to concert levels. 100 watts should be more than enough unless you really like your music ear bleeding loud.

    Running 2 amps in mone won't hurt though, and might offer a bit better control over the speaker too. More power is usually not a bad thing.
    I'd say wait and see though, you might find you don't need to spend more money on power, and can buy something else.

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    thanks for your commend
    the sound is great for now

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