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    Replacing Pre Out - Main In Jumpers

    I recnetly replaced the jumpers on my NAD C52 integrated and noticed a subtle improvement in bass weight and the highs being a bit smoother.

    I had some Audio Quest Diamondback interconnect sitting around so I figured what the hell. These should do the job better than two cheap metal jumpers. Boy what a pleasent surprise this was. Not huge but noticeable and FREE.

    Anyone else have a similar experience ?


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    Yes Indeed

    I use a Harmon Kardon HK3375 receiver. After reading about this tweak several times on Audiogon I tried it myself and had similar results. Not a night and day difference by any means but clearly audible all the same. I tried two generic cdp interconnects and my Kimber Kable PBJ. Interestingly an old set from Kenwood seems to work the best. The bass seems tighter and more musical and there is more clarity and detail throughout the spectrum to my ears. The difference is not large but it is there. It is as though the amp were working just a little better. Believe me, I have gone back and forth with this in my system because it just didn't seem like there should be a difference but in the end I had to believe what I hear. In a similar way I tried a lot of different speaker wire hookups--12,14,16 gauge; double runs of 14 and 16 gauge; Kimber Kable 4TC. I used bare wire, bananas and spades and just banana plugs. The best results (to my hearing) are with 16 gauge lampcord from Radio Shack with their dual banana plugs. It just kills me that in both cases (ic's for jumpers and speaker wire) that I got the best results with the least expensive materials! The only thing I could think of is that for some reason I don't understand the less expensive stuff is somehow making a slightly better connection. I don't get it but I do like it and yes, it's free.

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    I replaced my NAD c352 jumpers with Tara Labs RSC Link jumpers, worth the $30 i paid.
    - Paradigm Studio 40 v3
    - NAD c352
    - Audioquest Type-2 / Zu Oxyfuels
    - TARA Labs RSC Link Jumpers

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