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    Refurb or donate?

    Hey Audio Review dudes and dudettes,

    I have a some components, concerning which, I would like some advice. Here are the units in question:

    1. NAD 3150 integrated amplifer
    2. Pioneer VSX-D1S receiver
    3. Pioneer Elite VSX-99

    Each unit has it's own challenge. The NAD's amp section doesn't like to send a consistent signal to the right channel (cuts out, sounds staticy, etc- plus it sounds a little "tired") so I use it as a preamp to the VXS-D1S. Obviously I use the VSX-D1S's amp section to push the signal to my speakers. Sadly, this is the only way I can utilize the D1S because the preamp has a buzz in the right channel (what the hell is it with my and the right channel in my equipment? ha ha). The VSX-99 is a kick ass unit but only (digitally) supports ac-3 and one digital input marked RF. What, pray tell, does that mean? I bought all of these units used and have had no luck in locating a manual online. My goal is to be able to use each of these pieces independently and have "islands 'o sounds" throughout my gf's and my apt. No, but seriously, I love swapping components to hear the different layers and textures that each supply to the signal chain (much to my gf's chagrin- ha ha).

    My question is this (and thanks for hanging out this far): Is it worth putting, say, $200 into each unit to at least get it back to spec? Or am I better off putting my dough into a newer used piece? I am going to get a couple Onkyos for my HT systems so surround limitations aren't much of a concern.

    Thanks for your time folks,

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    The NAD 3150 may be worth fixing but I'm not sure to the tune of $200.00. The 3150 received a Class B rating from Stereophile, FWIW. New NAD amps start around $399.00 and the 3150 is from 1983 or so. I did see some one had a similar problem as yours and they said by a power down reset it would temporarily fix it. "Power down" like unplug from the wall. If you plan to buy new HT receiver I wouldn't spend any money on those Pioneers. You may be able to throw them up on Craigslist and sell as is to recoop some bucks.

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