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    Recommendations for new Rotel setup

    I'm in the process of budgeting for my new home entertainment system as I move into a new condo. It's a fairly small space, so I would like to build a stereo system and eventually build up to 5.1 when I purchase a townhouse in 2-3 years. The loudspeakers I've selected are Paradigm Studio 60 v4, with no subwoofer. I'll also be purchasing a Sharp Aquos LC-37D90U LCD, Denon DVD-2930CI and APC Power Conditionner. The system will be for 60% movies and 40% music (primarily rock, electronica, metal, blues, accoustic, etc).

    For my receiver / seperates I've narrowed my selections down to:

    1. Rotel RSX-1057 receiver
    2. Rotel RSX-1057 receiver + Rotel RB-1070 two channel poweramp
    3. Rotel RSX-1057 receiver + Rotel RB-1080 two channel poweramp
    4. Rotel RSX-1057 receiver + Rotel RMB-1075 five channel poweramp

    I haven't had an opportunity to audition these systems with the Paradigm speakers as I'll be purchasing through two different dealers. Would the receiver on its own, without a poweramp, do these loudspeakers justice? I can't justify the price of a dedicated pre-pro, so I'm looking to start with just a receiver. I don't mind upgrading over time (e.g. trading up a two channel poweramp for a five channel poweramp in the future). Does anyone have any recommendations towards these purchases and eventual upgrade path?

    I do intend to eventually purchase a matching centre channel and surround speakers, along with an SVS 20-39 PC-Plus subwoofer.

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    It wouldnt make sense to me to get a RSX-1057 and get a power amp later. You might want to consider getting a RSX-1067. IT's only 25 more watts, but the they should be a monster. I compared 972 and 1065 side by side(at a store in the same room) about 5 years ago, and I thought 1065 was going to blowup Studio 100 I was auditioning. The 972 I used to own packed ALOT of punch, but it would be a shame to just use that as your HT processor.

    Whatchu think?

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    I would go with the Rotel RMB-1075, if want to get a 5.1 system at one point you might as well get an amp with 5 channels to it.
    that makes as much sense as a drunken mongoose playing the piano

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    Quote Originally Posted by icarus
    I would go with the Rotel RMB-1075, if want to get a 5.1 system at one point you might as well get an amp with 5 channels to it.
    That would still leave him without a processor / pre-amp.

    I'd just get the receiver, I'm sure that it will not sound shabby at that price point. You can always add a power amp later. I wouldn;t buy a RSX-1067, if you have this within the budget I'd go for the RSP 1068 and the RMB 1075 instead.

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