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    Recommend amp to drive Totem Winds?

    I'm looking for recommendations for an amplifier (solid-state, integrated) that would be a good fit to a pair of Totem Wind speakers. I've heard that the Winds can be hard to drive, so I'm a bit concerned about what amps will/won't be up to the task.

    The Winds are rated at 4 ohms impedence, 87 dB sensitivity, and 250 W maximum power. In general, is it OK to look for an amp that will produce slightly less than 250 W into 4 ohms? Or should I look for an amp that provides 250 W, or more than 250 W, into 4 ohms?

    Brands/models I've looked at include:

    Simaudio Moon i-3
    Simaudio Moon i-7
    Krell KAV 400xi

    I'm certainly more than willing to consider others, of course.

    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions/opinions....


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    It doesn't matter if the amp puts out more than the 250 watt limit for the winds.

    I noticed you like the MOON equipment. I am running an all MOON system consisting of current version W-5 amp , P-5 pre and new Evolution series Supernova cdp.

    The W-5 puts out 380 watts into 4 ohms , my Martin Logans are rated at 4 ohms.

    Are you only considering an integrated amp ?, if so I would go for the 1-7 MOON. If you are running a balanced cdp, I would suggest XLR terminated ic's to go from your cdp to the MOON integrated.

    As you know , the 1-5 can be purchased used for good prices, however the 1-7 is going to cost you. If you plan on keeping it for the long haul, I would splurge for the 1-7 integrated.



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    If you a have dealer in your area, you should compare what you've already auditioned to the Plinius integrateds. Comparable price range and good power into 4 ohms.

    Whichever you choose, it looks like you are on the right track.

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