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    Receiver as Preamp

    Hey Guys,

    Just got a new cartridge installed on my TT (Grado Blue) and found that it needs
    a little more power from the preamp to drive it ( is that a lousy excuse to upgrade?).

    I wanted to get an old vintage piece. I found that most vintage preamp are out of my price range, but some of the old receivers are not.Particularly I saw an old Yamaha CR-1020 for $100.00. It has two phono inputs, which is great because I have two TT's, and that it has a

    With that combination, wouldn't it work as a preamp to my modern receiver through the aux input, that I already have my Audio-Techinca PEQ3 plugged into?

    Any info on this would be much appreciated and any opinions on that receiver as well.


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    That's a bit of a wacky way to approach it. If you want to use the CR-1020 as your phono preamp you would ordinarily run the TAPE outputs to an input on your usual receiver. The CR-1020's PRE outputs are affected by its volume, balance and tone controls. It also probably won't provide much more gain in that configuration than the ATPEQ3.

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