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    Question re Technics SU-V9

    Hi. I have an old Technics SU-V9 that I've had "forever" and I can't find the manual for it. If memory serves me it put out 200 watts per channel RMS. Is that correct? I think that was at 8ohms. Any problem using that amp on 4 ohm speakers? I'm thinking of powering a pair of Magnepan 3.6r speakers with it, replacing my Dahlquist DC 10s. Does that sound like a good idea? (I admit I'm not an expert.)

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    The SU-V9 is rated at 120wpc. I don't know if it has a 4 ohm rating. The only thing you can do is try it with your Maggy's. Be advised MG3.6R's like lots of power. I would recommend at least 200wpc.
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