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Thread: question on amp

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    Question question on amp

    I am looking at two amps: the Boss RIP-896 and the Boss PD-2000. The subs I am hooking it up to are two Volfenhag ZX4712s. Which amp would work best, also would it be OK to mount the amp vertically? This is my first system so any sugguestions would be helpful.

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    suggestion number 1: post in the right forums. this goes under "amps, preampse etc". no wonder u didnt get any responses (to tell you the truth i dont think anyone looks too much under this site feedback category)
    about them amp and speakers i dont know much, but i dont think mounting them vertically is a very good idea. they probably use VERY heavy components inside (specially the transformers) and allowing those to put torque on the board by tilting them is probably not the best idea...
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