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    Question Quad 405-2 in combitation with matrix 802-s3

    I'm considering to upgrade my current set which contains of:

    Quad 44
    Quad 405-2
    kenwood dp7090
    combined with B&W 804 serie 2

    i do have the offer for B&W 802 serie 3 speakers. the question is or my amplifier is powerfull enough with them?


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    Try it an see!

    B & W says the minimum impedance for the 802 Matrix S3 is 4 ohms, which is what they say for the 804, but also lists the sensitivity as 90 dB, which is slightly higher than for the 804. I think B & W specifications are generally pretty accurate, but I haven't seen a review which gives a measured impedance or sensitivity.

    I take it your amplifier drives the 804 speakers satisfactorily the way you use them. If so, there's no particular reason to suppose 'a priori' it won't work with the larger speaker. Anyway, at moderate levels, I'm sure it will drive the 802. It will drive the Quad ESL-63 pretty well, which is about 4-5 dB less sensitive. I admit I do have a Quad 606 myself, however.

    Anyway, if you think the speaker is what you want, I'd say go ahead and get it. I'm not at all certain the 802 is more accurate, but your tastes are what counts here. You can always get a bigger amplifier later. I'd keep the Quad 44 and its Tilt control, though!
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