I just added a PCA -2 to my HCA-2. After a couple of hours of listening I noticed that the PCA -2 was quite warm(not hot) and as normal the HCA-2 had barely a trace of heat. Is that normal for the PCA-2? By the way they sound great together. My system now consists of 2 HCA-2's. (I will introduce the second one in the system for bi amping soon but I wanted to add 1 piece at a time) PCA-2, Quad 22L's and a Rotel RCD 1072. This forum was a great help to me while I was researching and putting together the best system I could for the money I had to spend. I think I managed to get alot of performance for a minumal output of cash (IMO). The PS Auduio units were purchased used (Audiogon). The Quads I got new from Underwood HiFi. The total was under $3800 + another $500 for power cables and interconnects(Signal Cable)The quads are just breaking in and sound better every day. Thanks everybody!