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    Question Powered Amp in my home th.& the subwoofer.

    Can an amp inside a powered sub box be the # 1 problem to make the subwoofer sound like a video game? I was going to buy a car 10"subwoofer & get rid of the one in the powered sub box.Then I thought it may be the amp in the box.What are your thoughts????

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    ok, car subs are rated at 4 ohms usually, so make sure your amp can handle that first, and second, car subs are ment to go thump, thump, not tight controlled bass....just my thoughts

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    What powered sub do you have? A powered sub is a package deal, usually people don't go about upgrading the separate parts. Especially, if it involves any servo control circuits. The servo is supposed to measure the signal coming in, compare it to the woofers movement and match them up, yielding perfect bass response. Well, we know that nothing is quite perfect but the better ones work pretty good. Aside from that the woofer is designed specifically to use in that exact size and type of enclosure and that amp. You really shouldn't mess with it. If your sub sucks, just buy a new one. You'll have better results and less headaches.

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