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    Question Onkyo's Integra VS. Denon

    im looking at a denon DRA-685 and an Integra DTM 5.3. I'v her that Integra is onkyo's high fidelity stuff but i also know that denon doesnt mess around when it comes to receivers. in someones experiance which is better?

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    My year old Denon 685 volume control when used with the remote seems to jump in large increments, other than that it's been perfect in every way. I have a 10 year old or so other Denon receiver and it is still plugging along just fine.
    Can't help you with the Integra, never saw or heard one before.

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    The Integra line is very good and uses handmatched parts along with a better QC. Denon makes good stuff but the Integra line is very good. Listen to both
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