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    Onkyo or HK AVR525

    I need a new receiver. I had an HK515(?) integrated amp that was mt fave for 10 years. I moved to a Sony about 10 years ago. It died, the HK is still going at a frineds place.
    So I'm leaning HK 525, especially with the deals available.
    Would I give a so n so about an Onkyo or other in the same $ range?

    Also, I need a phono pre. I still have much vinyl that I'd like to play.
    I'm thinking tube (silly, I know, but I'm a old school recording engineer).
    I've seen and am thinking about the Wright WPP100C or the CR Developments /woodham.
    Nutty, I know.
    Other ideas are welcome.

    Course, there's vacuumstate.
    Preamp news. heh heh heh.

    Back to near reality.

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    while i can't comment on preamps, i can say as an owner of the HK 525, it's a nice receiver. Modern looking, decodes all formats, everything you probably need in a solid AV receiver. Onkyo, not sure...but they look dated...a big deal to me. Good Luck.

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    I too am a H/K owner and happy with it. If you liked your previous H/K then you will probably like a new one.

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    for the same money you would come up with a really nice NAD receiver.... I'm not a huge Onkyo or HK fan so thats why I say it.

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