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    Is this noise normal?

    I recently bought a Rotel RB-1070 2x130 Power. When the amplifier is on, even there are no interconnects or speaker cables are connected to the amplifier, there is a really quiet noise coming from the amplifier. I can hear it within 1/2 meters if I pay attention and I can hear it clearly when I put my ears on the amplifier. It's some kind of a buzzing noise. Is this normal?

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    There is something living inside. Or it is a fan. Or a loose hold down nut on the power transformer. Or gremlins.

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    i have magnetic field power amps there is a hum thay are on i have 4- M-1,0t carvers bridged. 1000 watts rms each. If thay are playing good it is normal transformer noise what type of amp is it intergrated or what? or is it grounded good!

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    take it apart and push down on the power transformer and if that stops the noise then tape it in place. if it doesn't then it's just a noisy amp. i just had this problem yesterday with a BGW amp that was going to be installed in a studio and a little gaffers tape fixed it nicely.

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    Check your ground. Does your power cord have 3 prong (grounded) plug? If so, try a cheater plug (25 cents) and see if that helps. You could very well just have a noisy amp. It happens so no biggie.

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