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    Nice basic preamp with sub out

    I might be looking for a preamp that has both a stereo pair of outputs plus either another pair or a sub output that are all controlled by the volume control. I'm going to be using an active crossover and if i can get something with a sub out, I'll be able to run 3 way towers plus a sub Without a sub out, I'll be limited to just a 3 way setup. What's out there on the used market for around or less than say $500? Less would be better; I know you can't get the best for that much, but I'd rather sink my money into building speakers and gainclone amps. Thanks!

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    You can simply put some "Y" adapters (1M-2F) on the preamp outputs to drive another power amp.

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    WildWest Electronics has a y-adapter made by Monster Cable.

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