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    Newbie Help Buying A Receiver

    I am new to this forum and to home audio. I have new Mirage Omni speakers: two surround, subwoofer and center channel, so far. I have narrowed down my list to these receivers:

    (1) Harman Kardon AVR-235 or 335 - 50W & 55W x 7.1 respectively. Is this enough power??
    (2) Denon AVR-1905 - 80W x 7
    (3) Yamaha RX-V657 - 95W x 7
    (4) Yamaha HTR-5860 - 110W x 7

    I don't want to get caught up in the watt power game because I know that other factors are important too, including weight. I just want a solid, quality receiver for surround sound home theater in a small-medium size room that is carpeted - 15' x 12'. I'd rather not spend more than $400.00 and all of the above are within my price range, except the HK335 which runs about $100 more than the HK235. The Yammie models are very similar, except for power and the RX-V657 has "low impedence drive capability," but I don't know what that means or if it is really important. All my speakers are 8 ohms and run at least 100W. Of these, or others someone may suggest, which is the best for my needs? Thanks.

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    My preference would be exactly how you have them listed.

    If a receiver says they can drive low impedance speakers it should be able to produce more current and drive 4 ohm speakers and speakers whose impedances swing very low. Not only that but higher current receivers will have better control over the drivers. This will especially be noticeable in the bass.

    You are correct by not getting caught up in the watts game because one manufacturers watt does not equal another. I haven't played with HK in a while but their receivers rated at 40 and 50 watts used to kill other receivers like JVC, Pioneer and Yamaha rated at 100 or better. I am not up on the pricing but you may also want to take a listen to Onkyo.

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