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    New Preamp question

    Hi, thanks for taking a look at this thread. I have just purchased a NAD 1300 preamp that is supposed to have never been out of the original box prior to testing before the sale. I am very excited as the seller has a great reputation. I plan to couple it with my NAD 2600A power amp which together I think will have a great sound for a low budget. I am to date a big fan of the older NAD as the modern equipment to better the performance is far more costly. Anyway, my question.

    I have no idea when it comes to evaluating specifications to know if the component is able to deliver good sound. These are the specifications for the NAD 1300, any thoughts on the stated performance would be appreciated. Thanks.


    Phono input

    Input impedance (R and C) MM 47k½ / 200pF

    MC 100½ / 1000pF

    Input sensitivity, 1kHz MM 1.3mV ref. 0.5V

    MC 60?V ref. 0.5V

    Input overload at 20Hz / 1kHz / 20kHz MM 20 / 200 / 2000mV

    MC 1.0 / 10 / 100 mV

    Signal/Noise ratio (A-weighted with cartridge connected) MM 80dB ref. 5mV

    MC 78dB ref. 0.5mV

    THD (20Hz - 20kHz) <0.02%

    RIAA response accuracy ±0.3dB (20Hz - 20kHz)

    Line level inputs

    Input impedance (R and C) 100k½ / 220pF

    Input sensitivity ref. 0.5V 80mV

    Maximum input signal 12V

    Signal/Noise ratio (A-weighted ref 0.5V) >100dB

    Frequency response ±0.3dB

    Line level outputs

    Output impedance Normal 50½

    Tape or EPL 1k½

    High Level 100½

    Phones 70½

    Maximum output level Tape, Normal & EPL 12V

    High & headphones 15V

    Tone controls

    Treble ±12dB at 3, 6, or 12kHz

    Bass ±12dB at 50, 120 or 250Hz

    Bass EQ +3dB at 55Hz

    +6dB at 36Hz

    Infasonic filter (switchable) -3dB at 14Hz, 18dB/octave

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    very good combination

    i have used 1300 with NAD 2400thx and these pre amps are very good in delivering the mids and highs, though the lows are good i would not appreciate it very much.But Nad sticks to its neutral sound , and u will love it if u have a very good speakers.
    great equipment ...have fun.

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    Thanks dev, I think the combination will be nice. My speakers are decent enough for me at this time, Energy C5s. I think the speakers are a little overpowered by the amp, I would like the C9 with this amp. Still, I'm not flush with cash so I will enjoy what I have. Thanks again.

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    I'm don't know about the specs but I do know any new equipment is a good thing!

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