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    Need recommendations on speakers and power/pre amps

    I am planning to purchase the B&W DM 603S3 however was also intrigued by the new B&W CM 7. Need recommendation on which one is better to be driven by the below amplifiers!!

    The amplifier that I use currently is an age old Onkyo Integra A809 Integrated Amplifier however I am also planning to upgrade to either

    B&K 125.2S2 for power and B&K Ref 5 for pre-amp


    NAD C272 for power and NAD C162 for pre-amp

    Any recommendations will be appreciated



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    Having listened to the CM1 numerous times in the last month and also having done a comparison with the DM603... I can easily recommend that if you have the money... get the CM7s instead... The CM series is far superior to the cheaper DM line.... but don't just take my word for it... go to the dealer and try it yourself....

    Also is there any special reason why you have limited your options to just NAD and B&K? Cuz Rotel and B&W are a really good match...

    I've never heard the B&Ks but I own a NAD integrated, so If I was limited to choosing between those two (and didn't have the opportunity to do a listening comparison) I'd go for the NAD....

    But as always, I'd strongly suggest listening to both the speakers and amps you are thinking of getting before making the purchase.... since what sounds good to me, might sound like garbage to you....

    And since you're planning to upgrade you amp eventually anyway, I would not suggest going with an inferior speaker to suit the amp you plan to replace.... Find the speaker you like the best and later get a good amp to really bring the best out of it....

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    I'm afraid I'm of the "wacko DIY" vein, so feel free to ignore me.

    I've heard very nice results from Onkyo Integra - what, exactly, is wrong with the reciever you already have? I would instead look for better-quality, more efficient speakers.

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    I'd watch those guys that go for the NAD's

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    Welcome to the forum at first,

    the cm7's are (far) superior to the 603's, they have a better finish (which is real veneer, against the 600 series vinyl, yes the vinyl is nice too, but veneer is nicer) but they also use better drivers, maybe you haven't read it yet, but all the drivers in the cm7 are the same as in the 800 series, they use the same woofer, the same midrange, and the same tweeter material (kindof), the 800's are still better then the cm's but the cm's are better then the dm603's.

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