Hey everyone,

First post here, nice to be a part of the community.

Anyway I was leaving my apartment the other day and someone left a Peachtree iNova sitting in the basement where stuff destined for the trash heap goes. It was in beautiful cosmetic shape. The audio nut in me had to grab it.

So it powers on, and the input selector lights all work and the tube glows as well but there is no audio output of any kind.

I took the feet off and slid the case off and found 6 fuses on the board, 4 on the left side and 2 in the back. Of the 4 on the left side, 2 of them were T1AL250 fuses and they were both fried.

I replaced the T1AL250 fuses with working new ones, plugged back in and when I powered on, they both blew again. I tried this twice. Same result: blown T1AL250 fuses on power up.

There is a tube in the preamp on this model and it can be switched off with the remote--which I don't have, so right now the tube is forever switched on. Is there any chance a bad tube (it's a 6922) could be causing the surge or whatever is blowing those fuses? The tube does glow for what it's worth but I would imagine that doesn't mean it's not malfunctioning in some way.

If anyone here has any experience with these units (I think they are pretty similar to regular Nova units too), I would love some advice on next steps to take, etc. It's definitely a cool old unit and it would be great to get it going.