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    Need help to select a sub amp


    I currently have a Rotel stereo amp, a TLC-1 preamp and NHT 0.5 front speaker.
    Now I'm getting a HSU TN1225 sub, but not the amp. So I think that I have 2 options:

    1. Buy a good amp with crossover build-in, and use the ROTEL for the sub.
    2. Buy an amp with crossover build-in to drive the sub.

    So, my question is, which one would be better? and any good amp to recommend in either case? I was looking at NHT SA-3, but cann't find many stores having it.

    Thanks ahead!

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    You could use a passive filter to block high frequencies from the sub and run both sub and sats off your Rotel. I don't know of any home amps that have built in crossover. Unless your sub has 2 drivers or 1 with dual voice coils you will need an amp that is bridgeable to mono or buy a monoblock if you're going to power the sub separately. Marantz makes some monoblocks that are reasonably priced. There are several Adcom amps around used that would make good sub amps.

    I personally think by the time you buy a new amp and crossover you might as well take the money to buy a complete powered sub. What's the deal with the one you have, did it have an amp and it's broke or is it just a passive sub? I would have thought even a passive sub would provide some crossover. You might check a pro sound shop for some type of active crossover network or if anyone carries Audio Control, they make some hi fi crossover stuff.

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