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    Need help with crossover

    When i click to the low pass filter i get almost no bass but with the high pass i get a ton

    my low pass filter goes to 0-50 and high pass 90-500

    is this normal?

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    What is this crossover in (ie. sub? receiver?)

    With the info you provided I'd say it's most likely normal. Depending on how good your source and source material is there probably isn't a lot of bass content under 50Hz. More importantly, if there was could your current speakers reproduce it. For instance, if you had a pair of speakers that cut off about 60 Hz you sure wouldn't hear anything when the crossover is only giving them 50Hz and below. Same if you are using a bookshelf with even higher low frequency roll off.

    This article is vast but has some good info on how crossovers work and how much energy is in various frequency ranges.

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