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    Need advice on a receiver for Klipsch SB-2's

    I recently purchased a pair of Klipsch SB-2 bookshelf speakers for my college apartment. I'm now looking to upgrade my Technics SA-411 to something suitable for the SB-2's. My main use is as a stereo receiver for my phonograph, cd player, and other audio inputs. Would Onkyo TX-8222 or Onkyo TX-8522 be good choices or any other suggestions? I don't want to spend much more than $200 unless it is simply a better idea to invest in something of higher quality. All suggestions are highly appreciated.

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    The Onkyo is one of the better choices in that price range. Your speakers won't take a lot of power to drive them, you are only needing stereo and if you are using a turntable, vintage receivers are a good choice too. You can find them online if you are confident with doing that or check the local thrift shops. Get you one of those big boat anchor receivers with the large lit up analog dial across the face and the built in phono stage, that's happening. I'm serious, I bought my brother a Luxman off Ebay for under a $100.00 and he won't part with it. I found a killer Sansui integrated from the 70's at a thrift store. Some one must have gotten one of my posts in a Google search, I got an email once offering to buy this model. It is outstanding and I couldn't sell it because it would cost too much to replace it where I'm using it. The vintage receivers don't use IC chips so you will find that most of them sound better than a lot of entry gear today. Look for an old Sansui, Marantz, Yamaha, Kenwood. An old Onkyo or Denon would be the best.

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    Mr . Peabody brings up a good point regarding vintage gear. I bought a vintage Onkyo TX-844 receiver (circa 1990) on e-bay for around $75 including shipping. The sound really is good, especially for $75. Good luck and enjoy

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