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Thread: NAD D3020 Class D Integrated Amplifier

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    NAD D3020 Class D Integrated Amplifier

    I decided to buy a piece of new audio gear after deciding to downsize from my larger separates now that I have a smaller listening room. Had a limited budget and didn't need much power. After looking around I decided on the NAD D3020 which got some positive reviews from both Stereophile and The Absolute Sound editors. Still in the breaking in period but I am really enjoying it while resting up on a little medical leave. It's really clear and brings out all the musical details. Only 30wpc but has no problem driving my Hafler 300's from top to bottom.

    Here are some of excerpts from reviews found on the NAD site;

    "Following a string of outstanding five-star reviews, we are very proud to announce that the D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier has been chosen as Budget Component of 2014 for Stereophile's Product of the Year Awards. "NAD's D3020 integrated amplifier coasted to an easy win for Budget Component of 2014" said Stereophile's panel of sound experts as they recognize the use of innovative technologies including a USB-equipped D/A Converter, Bluetooth receiver, and 65W of low-distortion power.

    In the November 2013 review, Stereophile editor, Stephen Mejias, simply stated, "this was the most fun I've ever had with hi-fi." "I can't think of another high-end audio product that combines this many digital inputs, does 24/96 asynchronous USB, is capable, and looks and sounds as good." He concluded in the review: "Will it be the component that introduces a new generation of music lovers to true high-fidelity sound? I don't know, but it has every right to be."

    TAS editors were especially impressed with NAD's well-engineered amplifier and its integration of ultramodern audio features in one highly efficient design, ensuring that music recordings are presented clearly with every subtle detail. "The 30Wpc D 3020 is also a 24-bit/96kHz USB FAC with aptX Bluetooth streaming and a headphone jack. But for all its new features its sound is pure NAD," said The Absolute Sound editorial team. "The D 3020 retains an essential sonic presence, a midrange integrity, that sculpts the body of a performance and makes it live in the listening spaced."

    NAD D 3020 has also won Product of the Year awards from three other internationally recognized audio magazines: 2014 Stereophile Budget Component of the Year, 2014 Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity Best Desktop Amplifier, and 2013 What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision Best Stereo Amplifier up to 500.
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    Congratulations, Kid. I think the NAD D3020 is very worthy of anyone's consideration who has similar needs. We'll be interested in you further impressions.

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    Nice pick. glad to hear you are enjoying it.
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    Thanks for the report, I have heard good things on the amp as well but never heard it personally.

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    I have also read quite a but of good press about that amp and I like the small foot print as well. I have heard a lot of people that own that amp and say that is all they need and have no reason to upgrade beyond that so that tells me that it is doing quite a bit right.

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