For me, the real problem was not breaking in but my Yamaha receiver RX-V650. My V650 just doesn't have enough juice to powered my MBQ S830. Its put out soo much distortion when there are a lot of backround music/bass. I guess its trying too hard at it. How was I identify the issue?

I spend a whole month rewiring, configuring OSD basically tackle every component individually. Eveything is fine and I can't find anything wrong with any of my component except I suspecting somehow my V650 just not compatible with my MBQ S830. Then I contacted David at YawaOnline and got a deal to help me out with purchacing a NAD C352 with full refund garanteed if problem is not my under powered received as David at yawaonline believed to be as well.

I brought it home over the weekend and hook it up. As soon as I turn on the power the mystery is solved and bass is coming thru without the help of my woofer. I disconnect my woofer for the original sound I refered. My speaker now sounds wonderful with no distortion at all. The only draw back is that its so clear and untampered. I'll need to get use to hear all the imperfection from my CDs.