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    Question NAD C320 BEE Noise!

    I have a NAD C320BEE, which I bought a few months ago. I can hear a low-volume, but high-pitched, noise coming from the amp all the time, when within 1.5 metres or so of it. Is this just normal transformer noise, or should the NAD be quiet? My cheap micro-hifi makes no audible noise, which is making me wonder...


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    Well good amps take small signals and make them louder which measn they are sometimes way more susceptable to noise because they pick up everything.

    If you have a tv cable near it it can cause an audible hum or noise. interestingly so can those cheap cables. I set up my receiver the other day and the the thing picked up considerable noise because I had several RCA cables connected. I changed them to just have one going from the tv to receiver and the noise went away.

    If this doesn't work you may want to try moving the amp away from the TV or tape decks etc. Or strange as it may seem changing the direction the amp if the front is facing north you may want to try it facing west etc. Sounds weird I know but it has worked with some gear.

    otherwise contact your dealer.

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