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    My receiver is making a buzzing sound

    Hey i have the Onkyo htr-520 hometheater reciever (brand new) and just today i noticed it makes a hum/buzz sound. At first i couldnt tell where it was coming from, but i put my ear on the reciever and it was from there. You can only here it if your 1 ft from the receiver. Are receivers supposed to make this sound? Thanks.

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    This could be transformer hum coming from the receiver. This is usually caused by another device/appliance on the same eletrical circuit as the receiver. Do you have any flourescent lights (ballasts) or dimmer switches on the same circuit?

    To troubleshoot, try plugging the receiver into a different outlet or try shutting down everything else temporarily and listen for buzz. Keep in mind, there is always the remote possibility that something is wrong with the receiver, in which case you can take it back.

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