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    Is my new NAD C320BEE defective?

    Hi. I recently purchased a NAD C320BEE (on closeout) and have noticed an issue with the 'tone defeat' switch. For those of you that aren't familiar with this amp, the switch is a single pole, single throw (w/ a latching action) type of switch.

    If I push the button to defeat or engage the tone controls (while a source is playing) the volume momentarily spikes resulting in a quick, but noticeable, sound in the speakers. If I slowly move the button through its range of motion, I can find the one position (between ON and OFF) where the volume of the amp increases by about 25%. This increase in volume stays in effect as long as I maintain the button in this half on/half off position.

    Now my question, is this a defective switch (i.e. shorted out, miswired, etc.) or a design flaw of some sort that other C320BEE's also exhibit?

    If it's a design flaw, I can live with it considering the price I paid (and the fact that the button will always stay on the OFF position). But, if it is defective, I'm worried that it could mean something else is also wrong or that the problem could somehow manifest itself in other ways down the road - in which case I will try to swap out the unit for another one (its doable, but just a big hassle for me).

    So does anyone have any insight into this? Or does anyone currently have this amp and can check to see if theirs exhibits this behaviour? Thanks!

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    Well I just tested mine and I don't hear anything.

    It's more than likely just the switch that's "defective" and probably easily replaced if that's what you're thinking. You could contact your dealer or NAD.

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    Hey MD1X, you should have a warranty, go ahead and use it.
    don't play around any more you could blow a speaker, then you'll be not so calm asking thsi questions.
    Also be advice a lot of the "Closeout" and "discountinued" items are really B- stock or bad returns and they don't tell you about it these are the guys that also charge 25 % restocking fee if you decide that you want to return your purchase . . ..
    Buyer be ware, before buying ask what are their return policies, and get always good merchandise tough to now unitl you get it right?

    Call NAD America and ask them is this seller is even an authorized dealer.
    That should clear the water for you.

    and again go and send the unit on warranty repair, you definetely have a bad switch,

    Good luck;


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    I have the C720BEE which is very similar to the C320BEE (it is the C320BEE with a tuner). I have the same tone defeat button, and I don't get any increase or decrease when engaging the tone defeat. I would return it or take Gonzalo's advice and contact NAD for repair. Good luck.

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