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    Musical Paradise MP-301 Mk2 SET - sounds like a steal at $260

    The new MP-301 Mk2 SET was just introduced in March and is said to be much improved over the 301 which was a well received little flea amp. The new version's class A power is increased to 6.5 wpc meaning it will drive more speakers than one might think. Tube rolling will be fun as it will take quite a variety and even sports a HP output with custom impedance. Any comments or experiences with this amp which is built in China and sold by it's designer in Canada?

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    Looks pretty cute to boot. If it sounds remotely decent - and it probably does - then it might be something to get more people into SET on a budget. The fact that it doesn't need to be biased is a major plus because people likely want plug and play. Reminds me a bit of the glow amps - but for less money.

    The Glow Audio Amp is $488 (or was) so it is not uber expensive either) and have been getting pretty great reviews from 6moons and enjoythemusic. The advantage of the Glow though is the use of the EL84 which in the long run tend to be cheaper to buy than EL84s so while $200 more may save money over the years. Of course it depends on which one will sound better the Glow or the MP-301. Who knows until they're pitted head to head.

    The Glow I don't think has the headphone output - but it does have USB DAC - so it depends I guess what you want it for.
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