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    Mono Pair or Single Stereo?

    I am running a pair of Rotel RB981 power amps bridged for mono. From what I read these were Recommended Class C for their time. Can anyone tell me what the pros and cons of switching over to a higher rated single stereo amp such as Classe 15, Anthem MCA-20 or a PS Audio HCA-2 would be? Any advantage to keeping it the way it is besides the obvious power per channel?

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    Whether you buy one box or two doesn't matter as much as the quality inside the box. Obviously, if you buy a higher quality amp you will gain some sonic performance but exactly what is hard to say, it depends on the characteristics of the amp and it's strengths. Some amps image and soundstage better than others, some emphasize a strong bass response over everything else, some may have a dark background where others seem more airy or transparent, some give the music a weight or certain thickness where others may sound a little thinner but seem to have better detail, some amps tend to have a faster response than others. And all of what I just said is also system dependent on the other components as well. I hope this helps some but I am trying to answer a rather ambiguous question.

    If I had your system and was wanting to improve my sound I'd look at replacing your preamp or cd player first. Preamps aren't Rotels strong point and I haven't heard Sherwood in years but unless they've improved a lot there is some room to improve here.

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