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    To Meridian fellas.

    I just bought a Meridian 562v, not a version.2, and it's on my way.
    Q, will this unit work with my non-Meridian cdp and amp as a varible volume preamp? or, on other word, can I use it as a preamp (with varible volume control) to mate with my non-Meridian cdp and power amp?
    Seller couldn't answer my Q because he had it mate with his complete Meridian gear. Please help?
    Before the seller packed it up for shipping, with just the 562v powered up itself , he test pressed the front buttons Vol up/down and the digital display of 562v did respond, but because the unit did not hook up with anything else he couldn't confirm if the unit can actually control the loudness with non-Meridian gear or not. Help!!!

    Is DAC 517 the must for 562v? Thanks so much.

    I only use RCA connection for my 2-ch audio.
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