Hi, and greetings from a newbie to this forum!

My Cambridge A4 has given up the ghost (distortion on line level inputs, although it's ok if I turn the output on my cdp down), so I'm looking for a replacement amp. My local dealer has the Marantz PM4400 on special to clear, at GBP119. Will it have enough 'oomph' for my Mission M71s (88dB sensitivity)? Or would I be better off with a Cambridge Audio 340A at GBP150? (I'm an impoverished student, so can't really afford to look at more expensive kit, such as the NAD C320 BEE, not least because it would cost GBP50 extra for a phono stage; the Marantz has one included and I think I'm right in saying that I can transfer the PM01 from my dead Cambridge to a new one).

I'd be grateful for any advice...