i just bought the above mentioned amp at a pawn shop for 40 dollars along with speakers, tape player, and tuner all marantz. when i first hooked it up i noticed and improvement in the upper frequencys its like it woke up the speakers (so to speak) i listen to jazz,blues, and gospel. when tuned to a blues channel on cable i had the amp turned up to half way and needless to say i was enjoying it. music sounds more dynamic with the marantz. i returned a sherwood reciever to get this marantz package. sorry let me get to the point already. when i turned up the volume from the half way point at one point the right cannel gave out there was still sound coming out but it didnt sound very goodthe left channel still played good i tried shutting it off, still clipping.i tried changing speaker connections behind amp speakers are fine it was happening inside the amp. after unplugging it i moved it to my bedroom and connected the speakers it came with and no clipping everything works. now im wondering as to what might have happened. it has a grounding connection in the back separate from the power cord. i now have that grounded to the apts hot water piping. i noticed before i grounded it and when i changed volume there would be static discharge when i touched the knob. could it be some of the caps are getting dryed up or what?
im kinda having mixed feelings about this amp but everything mentioned above cost me 40 dollars where the sherwood cost 79 dollars.