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    Smile luxman a-384

    hello, I've found this amplifier for sale on ebay italy, and I wanted to Luxman is a section with the valves in the pre hybrid then, if anyone has heard or owned, could be a good purchase or leave alone?


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    Hello my friend.

    Yes, the Luxman A-384 would be a good purchase. I've owned this integrated amp since 1996 and enjoy listening to it; used in my second system in den.
    Excellent build quality, designed as a hybrid amp: tube (12AU7) and transistors.
    Delightful warm sound, typical of tubes, good clarity and transient response.
    It has a sweet, detailed mid range; subtle, nicely-detailed treble, rich, thick bass and adequate power (2 x 100 watts) particularly good for high quality monitors on stands: I'm using Celestion (model-100) speakers.
    Overall... a superb amp, detailed, clean reproduction; very reliable, durable.

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