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    Looking for a high quality switchbox.

    My Morrison Elad (preamp) only has 2 inputs.
    Morrison sent me a $30.00 switchbox to use with it.
    It is easy to hear the sonic and volume differences between a component hooked up straight to the ELAD and the same component run through the switch box.
    Is there a switchbox that makes this difference less noticable?
    I've taken to unplugging stuff from the box and just plugging straight into the ELAD then unplugging and replugging but this is time consuming. basically i've relagated the box to just organizing the cords.
    Does anyone know of a switch box that won't screw with the signal to an audible level?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zappafreak
    Does anyone know of a switch box that won't screw with the signal to an audible level?
    Good grief! A SWITCHBOX is screwing up the signal?? That's got to be one crappy piece of equipment! If I were you, I'd take a trip down to your local Radio Shack and pick up a couple of them. Try them out...see if one of them passes your sonic tests, feels like it will hold up over the years and is flexible enough to handle any possible future needs, then take the others (or ALL of them) back within 30 days for a full refund.
    Check out
    You have several options here...the 42-2112, 15-1978, 15-1952, 15-1976, 15,1977 (can be controlled by a remote)
    PartsExpress is probably also a decent source and would offer more bang for the buck, but wouldn't have the nice convenience of being able to test it out in your home, risk-free!
    Click here to see my system.

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