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    Question Lexicon MC-8 or MC-12????

    I have a Proceed AVP manufactured by Madrigal Audio Labs. Madrigal was purchased by Harmon Specialty Group. Now Proceed owners are allowed to trade in their AVP's towards the purchase of an MC-8 or an MC-12.

    $3000 towards an MC-8
    $4000 towards an MC-12

    I don't require to extra connections of the MC-12 so I'm interested in the MC-8. My confustion is whether to get the balanced or unbalanced versions. Currently my amplifier does not provide for balanced connections (Parasound HCA-2205). However, I would purchase a balanced amplifier if "balanced" provides that much benefit. I'm not sure what those benefits are.

    So which should I get? Thanks!!!

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    This is a debatable subject. Most, if not all, balanced amps/pre use XLR type connections. Balanced connections helps reduce feedback such as when connecting microphones to the amp and also allow long cable runs while reducing RF interference. If your amp doesnt have XLR inputs then I would stick with the unbalanced version of the preprocessor. IMO that the unbalanced version is $1000.00 less than the balanced one. Here is a link that briefly explains what balanced connections do:

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    Smile Thanks!!

    The link did help with my understanding of balanced connections. I will stick with the unbalanced Lexicon MC-8 and save $1,000!!!!

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